See 6 Reasons why You Should Stop Betting (No.3 Should make you think)

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A large per cent of Nigerian youths are into betting and over 40% are addicted to it.

Earning some sudden money without having to work hard for it is an experience most people will not mind having.

Betting for instance is a popular means through which people try to increase their wealth by taking the uncalculated risk.

Despite the inherent benefit of sudden gain, betting could leave also eternal damage in the lives of those who make it an habit.

Below are the top 6 reasons you should stop betting👇

1. Addiction:

The constant repetition of certain behavioural pattern could lead to addiction.

Betting is a global phenomenon that is highly addictive, to the point that people would place the life of their children or spouse on a bet, let alone their physical property.

Bet addiction has sent many to an early grave and cut short so many big dream and future. ADDICTION comes with betting,

2. Debt or bankruptcy:

When you are addicted to betting, after exhausting your personal money within their position as a result of losing massively, they go into borrowing and most times they use their personal belongings as collateral.

The chance of making money through a bet is slim compare to the high chances of losing it.

3. Mental Health:

Bet addiction will always determine your mood, you feel great when you’re winning, when you’re losing, you may feel irrational and get angry with others.

Betting is very dangerous to your health and mood, NOBODY LIKES TO LOSE, stay away from betting.

4. Betting is a sin:

All religions frown against betting, the Islamic, Christianity and even traditional religion grows against betting and gambling.

It doesn’t the nature of your religions, all nature of religion is against betting and not many of you can bet openly. The single fact that you can’t do it openly says it all.

5. Makes You Lose Focus

When your life is all about gambling and just gambling, it then becomes your primary activity.

All of your vigour, motivation, energy and inspiration are only gambling–related and you tend to lose focus on the main aspects of your life.

If you have any special talents or hobbies, it is most likely that these hobbies will not be given priority and you’ll choose to ignore them.

Written By: Innocent entloaded

Do You Think Any Of This Point Can Make You loose interest in  Betting??

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