‘I’ll not leave my unfaithful partner, because all men cheat even Pastors and Rev Fathers’ – Ruth Eze

Nollywood actress, Ruth Eze has listed out reasons that would make her leave her marriage, and cheating is not one of them.

According to the busty actress, if she happens to catch her husband cheating, she won’t leave the marriage.

“My late father told me that men are polygamous in nature but if you are lucky, you will find the one that will not rub it on your face. If I catch him cheating, it’s okay. We will sit down and talk about it because to be very honest with you, every man in this world cheats even; Pastors, Reverend Fathers too. My girlfriend used to say, “Ruth, your kind of mind is what is needed to go through this life,” she said in a recent interview with Saturday Sun.

There is no man that is faithful. You’d see a man who cheated a day to his wedding day.

He was going to wed the following day and they caught him pants down with his girlfriend. I feel it’s their nature and I will not leave a man because he cheats but I will leave a man when I see that you are temperamental, violent or toxic for my energy but if it’s cheating, I will not leave the man.”


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