how I met my spouse By Chinenye Mercy Tochukwu as our guest

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Welcome to how I met my spouse with Chinenye Mercy Tochukwu as our guest๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

I met my husband in 2008. I was still in secondary school he visited my village for a gospel meeting. Actually, I never planned attending the program because i was living in a boarding school but there was a strike and we were asked to go home. I went home straight because my parents were there already. When i entered the parlor i saw some gospel ministers and he was among though a bible student then.

Because I was jovial and social then, I started interacting with them. Later, my husband told my father he wants to iron his clothes and my father directed him to me. To cut the whole story short, we exchanged contact at the end of the gospel meeting.

I could remember him telling me the first time he called that he will marry me. Within me I didnt know how it was going to be because he very very young then and has not finished bible school let alone finishing university. Infact, the whole thing was divinely arranged and it wasn’t easy because I had so many suitors coming but I knew there was something special about him that made me not to accept other suitors.

I knew he was sincere, God fearing and so caring. We kept moving and were very good friends. infact, he is my best friend and I am so free with him.

Though the whole journey wasnt so smooth because we had our ups and downs. I got admission before him and also graduated before him. The pressure was too much because I had so many suitors already and some people were thinking I wasnt normal because of the way I wasn’t accepting those suitors not knowing I had someone so special in mind.

I had so many discouragement from people because he wasnt READY then but I saw a bright and beautiful future in him. I knew he had so many great potentials in him and that was what made me wait for him.

After graduation, I was posted to Niger state and I have a relation in Abuja that made me to start considering settling in Abuja after service not knowing that he will be posted to Abuja for his NYSC service.

God made it possible because he didn’t put Abuja for service. After my NYSC I went to settle in Abuja. To fast forward the whole thing, after his NYSC in 2019, we started planning our marriage and to the glory of God January 2020 we got married. Since then till now, everything has been so beautiful. Getting married to him has been the best decision I have ever taken aside knowing Jesus as my Lord.

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