Drama As Men Engage In Road Rage As They Break Each Other’s Windscreens (Video)

A viral video has shown the moment two men engaged in a fight and damaged each other’s windscreens in Lagos.

The video shows the two men in a heated exchange, shouting and smashing windscreens.

The cause of the argument is still unclear, however, there were a ton of bystanders on the road hailing them as they made use of objects to smash their windscreen with some even encouraging them to burst the tyre.

At the end of their display, both gentlemen drove away, each with their own shattered and damaged car as a souvenir of the road experience.

See Video Below;

See Reactions Below:

sir_eltee wrote: ”They created unnecessary expenses for themselves. Road rage never leads to a happy ending. They let anger dictate, resulting in unnecessary car destruction”.

topman_tech said: ”They will leave that scene and realize that they should have handled it better. Immature adults. Smh. More damage has been made”.

babajideedges1 said: ”Lagos isn’t a real place. For Lagos ehn, there are possibilities that you’ve insulted fought your helper or your future in-laws in traffic”.

kizobillz said: ”Mental health awareness needs to be taken serious in this country, people when nor well too plenty ”

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