Da future – ghetto life

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Da future, one of the nigerian rising Artist has come up with another wonderful song titled “Ghetto life” if you have ever lived in a ghetto you will understand this song,


Yeeeeh he yeaa yea…..
Haha haaaa,
Ghetto life like a ghetto gospel
Ghetto gospel like a ghetto gangster
Check it out….
My ghetto life.
People come n feel ma ghetto life,
My ghetto life,
Come feel ma ghetto life,
Ooh ghettooo…..! X2
Am the one ghetto gangster,
Gat believe me,
Am try to make my money faster
Ever since I was born,
The young star at my back,
Look at me as they young,
Come and in and out right here,
They all set a focus,
I ain’t trynna forecast,
But I made a broadcast
In the ghetto get no cash
Dress up in your hood
And just find a way to make a cash
Get out in your hood
All the modaf***gangster,
Put a circle together
And let’s form a circular
In my own angular
Don’t trynna get flop,
Cuz I’m a get you smoked up
Put no sign of smile up
Just trynna watch you side
Cuz I’m a make you shut the f**up,
Am the ghetto cash money maker
I look spectacular
To all the player haters
In the ghetto
In my angular, haaahaaa!!!
My ghetto life stay at stake
But I need to make it wake
Enough cash all purchase
My race life in the ghetto


Hustle no more in the ghetto
Another day another trouble
Looking for cash make it double
Get a cash and get it coupled
Gimme a smoke n lemme get them all smoke up
All the player haters in the ghetto
That trynna set me up
See me out there
With a people, proclaiming,
Calling out ma name
In the street like a street thug
I know you never want me last long
All you f***nuts
Which way in the ghetto,
Is clean for me to put my head,
My thug fellow in the ghetto,
Praying for my downfall
The sun that shines in the ghetto
Never dry your clothes up
The tears you shed in the ghetto
Never help your lots sorrow,
The time for you to rest in the ghetto
Is when your trouble doubled
Damn!! Ghetto!!
You stay with girls, you get fun
You stay alone, you get hurt
You stay with thug
You get drunk
My ghetto life get rough

Am the thugs that hate to drug
Have the love and make it spread
Smile to them but ain’t sincere
Simple rule in the ghetto
Third verse with third tears
Life we living in the ghetto
Shed tears with no air
Cuz the ghetto is looking weird
My next thug fellow
Shedding tears
Cuz he’s f***scared
How to make a move in the ghetto
Without a sorrow
Living life in the ghetto
Like no tomorrow, hmm!!
But the pain in the marrow
Like the shadow in a shallow
So deep and so narrow
Life we living in the ghetto haaaa!!
My Momma drop me down
In the ghetto cuz she’s f***drowning
Put me on a ladder so short and so tough

What you gat to do
When the going is getting tough
In the main time
When the going starting getting rough
You check your side
Ain’t nobody f***care to come along
You stay strong all the time
Situation getting worst
Enough doubt on your mind
Please just make it stop
Stretched your hands and pray to God
You see me, you see my life
You see ma f***future
You see ma mission
And my vision, on the motion, in the nation
Living we living in the ghetto
Ghetto damn!!!!!!

Listen and download below,




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