Burna Boy – Thanks ft. J. Cole Lyrics

Burna Boy Thanks J. Cole

Is this the motherfucking thanks I get
For making my people proud every chance I get? (Yeah)
It’s okay, I get (Cole World)
This Naija, no love
Only Jah know where we started from
Oluwa?Burna?still?apply pressure
Stick up?on you on?a silent one
Ooh, ooh, we got that sun
I showed you how to really do this thing
Oluwa Burna na the blueprint of course
And I gave you Afrofusion
No words can describe our love
My waka waka no place I no go to
If they ask you, act like this is the hustle

E go take your mind,

woto woto, Olorun
Passa passa,Olorun
sare sare, Olorun
Kiya Mosa, Olorun
You got it reason am, rough rough olorun
woto woto, Olorun
Passa passa,Olorun
sare sare, Olorun
Kiya Mosa, Olorun

Is this the motherfucking thanks I get?

Too many people no dey fear God
What you think He created Hell for?
Mankind so jealous
Wetin they no know they can’t tell us, tell us
My line is famous
Oluwa Burna
My fall is unheard of
You never hear them say I fell off, fell off

E go take your mind,
woto woto, Olorun
Passa passa,Olorun
sare sare, Olorun
Kiya Mosa, Olorun
You got it reason am, rough rough olorun
woto woto, Olorun
Passa passa,Olorun
sare sare, Olorun
Kiya Mosa, Olorun

Is this the motherfucking thanks I get?

I see my momma dance for fella
So now I can pay for momma
Said I got guns
They say I shoot fuck you banner
Because I won’t collect past a woman
Is this the motherfucking thanks I get
For making my people proud every chance I get?

Burna and me, been runnin’ this shit for eternity
I fathered a couple of styles, I’m takin’ paternity leave
Permanently, they hate, now brushin’ the dirt off my sleeve
Steadily talkin’ Ms to me, it’s like I’m learnin’ to read
Sounded it out, takin’ my time, countin’ it out, slowly
Dust collectin’ on the Rollie, me and these beats is holy
Matrimony, feelin’ like acts of Foley
In Beverly Hills, coppin’ whatever I feel
Cole and Burna, Shaq and Kobe, winnin’ a ring
Then we gon’ repeat, then three-peat
Them nerds hate, they seat geeks
They peepin’ us on the low, we like the cheat sheet
Get paid for phrases, I don’t believe in free speech
I said it, I’m in it, no take backs
I don’t even need the receipt, so please miss me with the PC
I be in NYC on a bike with the hood up like I’m E.T
These rappers ain’t like me, I’m knee deep in the concrete
Forever cemented, don’t you ever forget it

E go take your mind,
woto woto, Olorun
Passa passa,Olorun
sare sare, Olorun
Kiya Mosa, Olorun
You got it reason am, rough rough olorun
woto woto, Olorun
Passa passa,Olorun
sare sare, Olorun
Kiya Mosa, Olorun

Is this the motherfucking thanks I get?

Burna I see you
You got the whole world on smash right now
This whole shit is yours, forever how long you want it
Ya’ know what I mean?
Meaning of “Thanks” by Burna Boy Featuring J. Cole

Burna Boy’s new album, “I Told Them,” came with numerous surprises – from the manner in which some songs were crafted, to the unforeseen collaborations that came with the 15-track masterpiece. One of the most pleasantly surprising collaborations was on the song “Thanks,” the fourteenth track on the album, which featured American rap heavyweight, J. Cole. Fans were super excited for this one, and as soon as the news was unveiled, the Nigerian Twitter streets went haywire. When the album finally dropped, the song, which was one of the most anticipated on the project, was massively given a quick listen by fans globally.

By its name alone, Burna Boy’s song “Thanks” could lead one to believe it is about gratitude and appreciation, however, this is not the case. Burna Boy used the word “thanks” in another context from the song’s presumed topic of appreciation. This time, he asked followers, especially those in the Nigerian demographic, if this is the appreciation he gets for establishing a sense of national pride in his country generally through his accomplishments.

As was already noted, the song had an angry vibe. The singer turned to the audience to voice his outrage at being berated after reminding them that he had worked hard to become the guy he frequently spoke of becoming in earlier songs. Though he excelled internationally and given Nigerians cause for pride, he questioned why he was still subjected to criticism.

On the chorus, he sings, “Is this the motherfucking thanks I get, for making my people proud every chance I get?”. On the song “Thanks,” Burna expressed his displeasure for the lack of “love” in the country by singin: “This Naija love”.

The musician referred to a number of scandalous incidents that had affected him in the past. He gave the example of the time he was criticised for allegedly starting a fight that resulted in someone being shot at a Lagos nightclub while attempting to get with a woman. He also touched on the topic of persistent social media trolls who claim that his mother was allegedly a dancer for the late, great Fela Kuti. These subjects, which undoubtedly struck a sensitive nerve in Burna Boy’s psyche, ultimately served as the song’s source of inspiration.

Even though the majority of the stories conveyed in the song are sung in Nigerian Pidgin, fans can undoubtedly identify with them. A simple Google search would lead you to the stories Burna Boy spoke of in “Thanks.” This makes it easier for foreign listeners to resonate with the song’s theme. No matter how serious the song’s theme may lean towards, Burna is recognised for producing infectious choruses. On “Thanks,” featuring J. Cole, the chorus is very simple, melodic, and catchy, thanks to the carefree Nigerian lingo that accompanies it. J. Cole, as we all know, spices up whatever song he is featured on.

As expected, Burna Boy was sure to come with fiery lyricism, flow, and catchy melodies. It’s not the typical danceable vibrations; rather, it’s more on the slower side. The song opens with loud vocalisations from Burna in what seems to be a perceivably angry tone. Instantly, on the first listen, the song’s opening lines, “Is this the motherf****ng thanks I get for making my people proud every chance I get?” change the initial impression of what the song may have been presumed to be. Ultimately, regardless of its angry lyrics, the song is a total vibe.

Although it was unexpected, a J. Cole verse on a song like “Thanks” was just what the audience needed. The song merges both worlds, tapping into both artists’ perspectives on life, which ended up sounding magical. The instrumentation, which Ashton Sellars and Jay Weathers co-produced, was mellow and somewhat funky, which gave J. Cole more ease to flow effortlessly on the Afro-fusion record.
Replay Value

Typically, when Burna makes songs, he is intentional about their longevity. As a result, he crafts them in a way that not only goes beyond the norms of the typical music industry’s sound but also has the potential to remain as fresh as new even when these songs are played in the future. A song like “Thanks,” featuring J. Cole, even though it isn’t party-friendly, has a high chance of being played over and over again, especially when certain discussions regarding Burna Boy’s scandals or related matters are being raised.

Also, “Thanks”, the very first collaboration of J. Cole and Burna Boy, two heavyweights in their respective fields, connects fans of both artists, which, when combined, is of significant magnitude. Their individual fan bases contribute to a high chance of replay value. Evidently, “Thanks” is an enjoyable song on its own, which further gives the song an automatic plus.
Rating:Delivery: 1.8/2
Lyricism: 1.7/2
Relatability: 1.7/2
Mixing and Production: 1.9/2
Replay Value: 1.7/2


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