Burna Boy – If I’m Lying (Lyrics)

Burna Boy I Told Them

Burna Boy drops off a new spiritual record titled “If I’m Lying”, Enjoy Lyrics of the track taken from I Told Them… album.
IF I’M LYING LYRICS written by Burna Boy.

Verse 1
Every day, I just give thanks to life
Know how to move ’cause I know sacrifice
Lose control, still hold on tight
Won’t be the only time
I’m a soldier, I know how to fight
I make fire when it’s cold in the night
If you need a shoulder to cry, then I’ll give you mine

And, if I’m lyin’, let the ocean and seas start dryin’
The birds in the sky stop flyin’
All the trees in the world start dyin’, uh, start dyin’
And, if I’m lyin’, let the ocean and seas start dryin’
Let the birds in the sky stop flyin’
All the trees in the world start dyin’, all, start dyin’

Verse 2
Won’t be the onlyyy time (Mmmmhm)
Only time
Only time
Won’t be the only time
That you’re gonna get heartbroken
You got to learn how to write the motion

And, if I’m lyin’, let the ocean and seas start dryin’
The birds in the sky stop flyin’
All the trees in the world start dyin’, uh, start dyin’
And, if I’m lyin’, let the ocean and seas start dryin’
Let the birds in the sky stop flyin’
All the trees in the world start dyin’, all, start dyin’

Verse 3
Zero, all that I get is zero
Rain fallin’ on my window
That’s why I sleep under my pillow
Woah, woah, woah
These days I don’t sleep no more
Oh, so, my eyes open wide
At least I know I’m alive

And, if I’m lyin’, let the ocean and seas start dryin’
The birds in the sky stop flyin’
All the trees in the world start dyin’, uh, start dyin’
And, if I’m lyin’, let the ocean and seas start dryin’
Let the birds in the sky stop flyin’
All the trees in the world start dyin’, all, start dyin’
Breakdown of If I’m Lying Lyrics by Burna Boy

There’s no doubt that Burna Boy is unarguably one of the most creative songwriters in recent times. The immense creativity that flows from his pen is undeniable, and this has been witnessed right from his debut album. On his newly released project, “I Told Them,” the eighth full-length album from the Grammy-Award-winning Afro-fusion crooner.

“I Told Them” boasts a total of 15 tracks, all of which come with their respective flavours. From the braggadocious album-titled track “I Told Them,” which incorporates a feel of highlife as its opener before being attacked by Burna’s bouncy flow, to the party-rocking “On Fom,” and the electrifying Amapiano number “Giza” featuring Seyi Vibez. The singer is most definitely in his element on this new album; it’s no wonder he just scored his very first number-one album.

On the album’s thirteenth track, “If I’m Lying,” we witness a deeper, more vulnerable side of the artist. This time not as Burna Boy, but as Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu, who behind the flashing lights, sold-out tours, and glistening diamond pieces, feels a rollercoaster of emotions like every other regular human. He takes listeners on a journey through his mind and the struggles that come with being the person he is.

For the avid listeners of Burna Boy’s albums throughout the course of his career, it can be attested that there is always that one song, sometimes more, that gives us an overview of the artist’s journey from a realistic angle. As earlier mentioned, Burna ponders on his physical and mental struggles, and his poetic choice of lyrics brings forth a gloomier feel. It’s as if you’re almost forced to feel sorry for the artist just by listening and imagining yourself in those shoes.

“Lose control, still hold on tight. Won’t be the only time. I’m a soldier, I know how to fight. I make fire when it’s cold in the night“.

The aforementioned lines are, although poetic, quite self-explanatory. Burna currently enjoys a degree of recognition and stardom that may be overwhelming, especially when you are in front of cameras about 80% of the time and your flaws are exposed to the public at the smallest opportunity. You are bound to lose control as a human. By including his human side in the song, Burna is revealing that he experiences downtimes but yet keeps his chariot moving—just as a soldier should.

The incredibly emotional song “If I am Lying” speaks not only for Burna Boy but also for other people who have occasionally had to keep going while feeling overpowered and on the verge of being overcome by various circumstances. Additionally, it is a soothing tune that expresses understanding of these kinds of circumstances. Burna’s performance of “If I Am Lying” demonstrates his extreme emotional maturity. At various points in the song, he is heard telling the audience that “this won’t be the only time you’ll get your heart broken” and that “You gotta learn to ride the motion,” which is a tough guy’s way of saying that letdowns could happen at any time in their lives and that they should be mentally prepared for whatever.

“If you ever need a shoulder to cry on, then I’ll give you mine“. These words seal the deal and paint a picture of a vulnerable person offering a listening ear and still having compassion for others going through the same phase as he is—again, emotional maturity.

The chorus of this song also has a touch of conditional hyperbole to it, which involves making an exaggerated and unrealistic statement as a condition to prove the truthfulness of what he is saying in the song.

In summary, the song “If I’m Lying” is nothing short of a genius written piece that comes from a place of the artist’s vulnerable state of mind. It’s simply pain and struggles turned into impeccable melodies.

On the Steel Banglez-produced track, it almost seems as though you can predict the type of atmosphere that is about to come next from the song’s opening melancholic piano sounds. The song’s vibe is fairly reminiscent of the heartbreak ballads from the late 1990s and early 2000s, only this time the artist is an Afrofusion rockstar. It is one to sing emotional lyrics on melancholic instrumental backdrops, it’s another thing for these emotions to be heard in your voice.

The vocal delivery on “If I’m Lying” is best described as a melodic outpouring of emotions. To explain further, I would say that even if there were no chords or instruments, and the lyrics were spoken rather than sung, they would still be highly capable of conveying the same tear-triggering emotional message. Incorporating melodies into this was just the icing on the cake.

The vocal delivery on “If I’m Lying” was raw, pure, and brilliant. “Raw” in the sense that you could hear the raspiness in Burna’s voice, similar to what you hear from someone close to tears. “Pure” in the sense that it came from a deep and honest place, which is something you rarely see from artists who have attained the level he currently is. The brilliance comes from his ability to incorporate all those emotions into an impressively crafted piece of writing and create melodies that match the song’s theme.
Replay Value

There are times when the mind is averse to high-tempo sounds and just needs a breather, something to resonate with—lyrics that convey realism and truth. It’s safe to say that “If I’m Lying” has just become a new addition to that list. In a world where individuals are now more in tune with the reality of mental health struggles, and everyone has a story or two about their respective downtimes, you’re bound to enjoy and relate to a song that not only conveys the personal struggles of an esteemed figure like Burna Boy but also highlights his coping mechanisms and even offers words of affirmation.

In essence, as long as humans are still likely to face emotional downtimes for years to come, songs like “If I’m Lying” have a very high potential of being played in rotation by listeners.
RatingDelivery: 1.8/2
Lyricism: 1.9/2
Relatability: 1.9/2
Mixing and Production: 1.9/2
Replay Value: 1.8/2


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