The History of Awkuzu people in Anambra State

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Awkuzu is said to be one of the progenies of the fifth child of Eri his only daughter called Iguedo, who is also said to have borne the founders of Ogbunike, Nteje, Umuleri and Nando.

Awkuzu which is the colonial era of the name, “OKUZU” is presently located in Oyi Local Government Area of Anambra State and is bounded by Umunya and Nteje towns also in Oyi LGA, IfiteDunu, Ukpo and Ukwulu in Dunukofia LGA and Nando and Igbariam towns in today’s Anambra East LGA, and Abba in Njikoka LGA.

Awkuzu is divided into three main parts: Ezi, Ifite and Ikenga sections according to seniority or birth order. Like most Eri-Awka towns of Igboland, each section is further divided into sub-villages.

Ezi has Iru-Anyika, Aka-Ezi, Igbu and Ozu.

Ifite is sub divided into Amabo, Isioji, and Ifite-Umueri.

Ikenga has Ezinkwo, Nkwelle-Awkuzu, Umuobi, Ukpomachi,Dusogu,Otoko and Umudioka.

As a community, Awkuzu is famed for its large population which gave it the sobriquet as “Ibilibe Ogada” a title that steamed from ‘glorified’ local disputes with neighbors but now attached to the traditional stool

The customs and the traditions of the Awkuzu people is similar to the other ones in Igbo land.

Awkuzu land with its rich fertile soil is known for its role in agriculture especially in the area of cassava, yam, maize and rice cultivation.

The land can be said to be blessed with so many personalities who has contributed to the state and the Nigerian nation at large, some of them includes .His Grace, The Most Rev. Maxwell.C. Anikwenwa the retired Bishop of Awka, Arch Bishop Province on the Niger and the Dean Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion. Also, in the list are Late Bishop Oteh, Honorable Uchenna Okafor, Hon. Echesi the former commissioner for finance Anambra State, Hon. Nnacheta Tony the commissioner for sports Anambra State. And lots more

With all these and more the Awkuzu people welcomes strangers very well hence it’s called the “Land of Smiles”. When next you visit Nigeria, try and visit this promising land with the spirit of hospitality.

The Civic Center is located at the heart of the town. The land also has primary and secondary schools and churches for worship. Awkuzu with its diverse cultural heritage attracts visitors with its three-major annual traditional festivals. They include Alomuo, Onwa Asato and Onwa Ato. The Awkuzu land like every other town in Igbo land have four market days namely; Eke, Orie, Afor and Nkwo

Some of their special qualities includes

1)They are humble

2)committed and faithful

3)They Awkuzu people always challenges themselves to be better people

4)They have good manners

5) They knows the importance of family,therefore they maintain and keep their family together at all times

6) the awkuzu man is wise and love one another

8) They are very strong when it comes to farming ..

9) They don’t cheat others as such they hate when others cheat them

10) They are lovely when you understand them .

11) Awkuzu people are always willing and ready to learn , they don’t stop learning .

12 They are lovers of peace

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