Seriki urges politicians to respect electorate’s choice

SERIKI Omo Owo has urged politicians and party candidates to respect the choice of the electorate in the forthcoming general elections.

Seriki made this call during a recent chat with The Nation.

He said that it is important to understand that electorates have choices to make in terms of decision-making in the coming elections.

The rapper also recently released a socio-political song to educate the public on elections and politics.

“I would advise people to make their choices and stand by them. I also urge our leaders to respect whatever choice is made by the people at the end of the day. They (politicians) should respect our constitution, our rule of law, and support whoever Nigerians decide to choose to lead this country in the next four years,” said Seriki.

Further speaking on his new song ‘Dear Father’, Seriki noted that he hasn’t endorsed any candidate but wants to remind the people of the sufferings in several parts of the country.

“I didn’t endorse any candidate, it was just a record to create more awareness and let people see more of what’s going on in our country. You can’t arrest bandits that had an interview with BBC but you can arrest fraudsters. Where is the Justice? That is what I’m trying to let people see through my music so you won’t say I didn’t tell you.”

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