The Sages Summit is an Annual Online Summit (AOYS), which was initiated and conceived from the ideas of young individuals in order to create an enabling environment whereby individuals from different spheres of life gather together annually to share ideas, insights and put heads together to tackle the present and surpassing issues and problems dominating the world.

The Sages Summit (AOYS) creates the opportunity for individuals to have a brief, concise and interesting moment with The Game Changers in which The Game Changers tell the society of the struggles and journey to success and how they were able to dominate and top the world in their various careers and businesses.

The Sages Summit (AOYS) is a room for interaction whereby people discuss their love stories and how they were able to surmount the difficulties and setbacks that at times occur in their relationship.

The Sages Summit (AOYS) helps in shaping the world positively. Join Let’s create a better and greater world…

In 2020, we hosted our first ever online summit, theme CAN LOVE FAIL ?

In 2021, we hosted our second online program/business gist, theme: SHAPING THE FUTURE


In 2022, the foundation hosted her third international and poem challenge, the theme of the years program is titled : MY REFLECTION.


One of the team in the SAGES FOUNDATION made a comment few days ago he said ” in the next few years to come the SAGES SUMMIT will be declared as the best reality T.V show in Africa and in the world.


I pledge to the SAGES to inculcate and cultivate the spirit of good works, consistency and good mindset in the lives of humanity and to make our youths find a better purpose in life that will make them to aspire to be great and to work towards excellence❣️


We’re the SAGES

let’s change the world positively

Shalom !


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