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Monday, 10 April 2017

READ THIS !! 5 Signs You Are Totally Depressed

Depression is a state of mind so many people find themselves out of no choice or self-will. Depression if not curbed could linger on for long and have an adverse effect on you, your relationship and those around you. Many times, you try to figure it all out, wonder why you are down, low in spirit and not just in the right mood always. The reasons are not far-fetched; you are basically just depressed. Depression for some could last days, weeks, months or even years, depending on the causes. It could become suicidal if you allow it linger for long.
These are signs to show that you are totally depressed and there is a need to curb it before it becomes a big issue out of control.
#You become withdrawn
People that are depressed or have been depressed at one point or the other are mostly withdrawn from people, events or usual activities. You deliberately isolate yourself from people and things you love. You suddenly become moody at intervals and see no need for hanging out with people. One minute you are joyous and lovable, the next minute, you are not just the nice guy or girl. One minute you are in the mood to party, the next minute you just want to stay alone. The moment you start finding it difficult making basic decisions, you should watch out for depression and quickly avoid it.
#You have a low self-esteem
When you start feeling less than you are, or you think everyone has it better than you. Gradually, you see yourself has someone without worth. A low self-esteem does nothing but play on your mind and make you feel like you are totally a non-entity. Because you don’t feel good enough about yourself, your whole life is put off track. A low self-esteem makes you go for less than you deserve and you continue to wallow in depression and anxiety.
#You feel unloved
Many times you feel people just don’t like you or maybe you have done something wrong. The truth is, everyone wouldn’t like you for reason or the other. But when you constantly have that thought that people don’t show you love or they are going to hurt you, it makes you sad and gradually you become depressed. When you feel unloved by a particular person or people, try discussing the issue, instead of just assuming and hurting yourself.
#You become irritable
When you start getting upset by little things people say or do to you, it is often a sign of depression. It is one thing to be angry for a good course, it is another thing to feel sad and angry over everything or nothing in particular. You suddenly have a bad appetite for food, sex, and sleep. Depression and anger work hand in hand. When you are irritable to the extent of causing damage to yourself or properties of those around you, depression could set in. When you yank off over anything, you start to feel guilty after a while, which can lead to depression.
#You become carefree
This came last for a purpose. When you stop caring about how you look, what you eat, what you put on and many more important things, you could be depressed. A depressed person has a carefree or “an I don’t care” attitude about people and them. Most times, all they think about is finding comfort outside their environment. If not immediately cub or cautioned, this could come with a suicide attempt. The moment you feel unbothered, unloved, irritable, you just don’t care what is happening around you and most times, you just want to exit the world without a second thought of what happens next.
Depression is a wrong state of mind which could lead to frustration, untamed anger, suicide, fear and much more. If you have noticed most or all of these signs, you should speak to someone about it, pray or be around those that make you happy always. Speak positive to yourself, go to places you love and do all you love most.

Culled from Palmchat.

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