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Friday, 14 April 2017

Best Reasons You Need To Upgrade Your Laptop

Some may not know this but i have to let you know now that; OUTDATED laptops are prone to many faults.
So, how long are you going to creep like a snail on your old Laptop?

If your slowing Laptop startup or your lagging Laptop video play-back aren't convincing enough, here are the Best Reasons You Have To Upgrade Your Laptop

-Your laptop is old and outdated
Moore's Law states that; the computing power of integrated circuits doubles every two years, so if your Laptop is even four years old, it is 200 percent less powerful than this year hardware. Moreover, most often hard drives become so burdened by unnecessary data that all manner of performance is slowed.

-Better battery life
Oh! you want longer duration battery? Why not consider upgrading your Laptop....The cells in Laptop batteries degrade over time, and it is not unusual for those elderly batteries to hold less than an hour of charge. Current Laptops can achieve up to and exceeding five hours of standard usage.

-Large Memory Storage
Many of the best gaming Laptops still have a hard disk drive (HDD), which uses a spinning disk to store and retrieve data. But some new Laptops have made a turn to solid state drive (SSD). Back in 2007, when you bought that clunker of a laptop, SSD was still a nascent technology. Nowadays, the solid state drives are becoming common in laptops, resulting in faster program loads, speedier boot times, and lower power usage. However, they are more expensive, per GB of storage, than their HDD counterparts.

-Portability/lighter weight
One of the benefits of all this new hardware is a reduction inweightand an increase inportability. Thinness, too, is a common characteristic of new Laptops, and many aren't thicker than an inch.

New Operating Systems
New operating systems are generally viewed to be an advancement over the previous iteration. A number of the new Laptops come with the Windows 8-10 OS installed, which benefits from a Laptop-tablet hybrid OS, expanding utility and versatility.

-New software and games
Believe me, your five-year-old gamer Laptop isn't going to cut it in today's gaming marketplace. High-end games like the Dead Island orWitcher 2require new high-end chipsets. The latest and greatest from Nvidia and AMD will meet your graphics processing needs much better than your prehistoric machine. Similarly, CPU-intensive programs like Adobe Premier or Photoshop will run much more smoothly on a newer more powerful system.

Lets face it, thatold lame Laptopisn't what it used to be,even this world isn't what it used to be.You have trouble getting any work done between forced reboots and waiting for MS Word to open. A brand new Laptop will cut down on time wasted and boost your productivity.

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