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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Xperia Touch Turns Any Surface Into A Giant Android Tablet! [best Of Mwc 2017]


While LG’s new bezel-less LG G6 impressed me this week and a bunch of other cool Android smartphone launched, I stumbled onto the coolest Android device which was seen at MWC 2017, which certainly is the best Android device of MWC 2017. Actually, a friend on youtube Named Ash Taylor(YouTuber) dropped the video on her page and I was AMAZED.

The Sony Xperia Touch turns any surface into a GIANT Android tablet, literally. It is simply the most amazing device ever. What’s crazy about this little dude isn’t that it projects things from 23 inches to 88-inches to any desk surface or wall but the fact that you can turn any flat surface into a touchscreen Android tablet. WTF.

You can do everything just like a regular Android tablet including playing games, typing, DJing, downloading new apps on the Play Store, and much more. But how good is the touch input? Will it be able to detect multiple fingers? Definitely yes! 

Pretty amazing device and will go on sale this year sometime for 1500 euros or about 1600 USD. Will I get one? For sheezy, this is definitely going to be on my Android Wishlist for the year 2017. And it may be an understatement to say this is the best Android device I have seen this year so far.

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