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Thursday, 3 November 2016

Lyrics: EL – Change Intro

Me se bisa wo question but ma no nyε  כhare so kakra mma yεn. Wae mesrε wo
-Me nua, to be honest with you, m’ahwε  around w’anfa awards no amba ha.
Wode baeε paa anka mεgye afiri wo nsεm de ama………
EL Baby!!
If I got a CD for every time, these motherfuckers overlook me
For all of the time they slept on me I bet I’d pro’ly be filthy
But I never been a quitter, never never
They will never win I’m hella better
Lomi never backdown back at it like I’m lain in a bed of feathers
Looking back at what I’ve been through  (yeah)
Pain never been an issue
Feeding, my addiction  *********
You can never break through i
And if Ali was the greatest, BAR III is the apex
It’s the last tape I go make damn cos I say more when I say less
They never see ma level ever since I was a skillion
Watching on my fellow Ghana men hate on me while I’m tryna put my CD on
Them dey fear me, when they hear me, no go fit to near me. Me ni noor
Cos if you dey crock all the time watch who go bring around
No! No! No! No nemesis, you were not here from my genesis
You will not take away the blood, take away the sweat, takw away the tears. No chaley
If you dey hung for food for thought then let me deliver the recipe
BAR 1,BAR 2, BAR 3, trinity
–Nah you see the thing be say… me… EL
  Nah nah nah. I don’t think this be e year . Noor
  I say he dey rush too
–Ohhh, do you have to……?
–I’ve had first hand experience of that fact. I meet am for…..
I be goin’ very heavy over beats
In the belly of the beast
Young Lomi, EL yeah I got ma name heavy in the streets
And these days DJs no dey gather keep ma record on repeat
Cos I am sky high, I dey bab why I’m the man you wanna defeat
And now I know why, I know chaley I’m here for the one reason (What’s that?)
One life, one life, Lomi’s gonna be in the front leading
for the limelight, limelight nigga’s still shading for one reason
(What’s that?) to shine bright, shine bright, when you bring angel amongs demons
Holy mother of Christ! I never spitted that lyric, yeah
Didn’t come from ma heart. I’mma give it 100 percent
If I dey lie God strike me
I’m still here so it’s more likely I told the truth
What’s ma name? BAR, bitch!!
Chaley nigga make I drop my shit
Who you nigga bust like this?
Make I off my switch
We go see who go fit give you BAR 4, 5, 6
Best African Rapper, Young Lomi, EL babyy
Ghana boys to the world, let’s go
ELiens, we will!
There was sometime that I thought
that I couldn’t last for long
But …. now I think I’m able to…
to carry on.
Man, it’s been a long time coming
But I know, I know that change’s gon’ come
The Lomi Era
We’re Here!
EL – Change Intro Lyrics

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