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Saturday, 29 October 2016

Husband pummels wife who accused him of snoring

A man in Masaka, Nassarawa State, Tukur Paul has beaten his wife, Jennifer after the latter accused him of snoring.

The incident occurred on Friday, October 28, 2016. Through the intervention of people close by, Paul was unable to inflict further damage.
Lawrence Oluwanishola, a neighbour to the couple lamented about the domestic violence which he stated has grown quite common in the area.
“How on earth in this present modern world will a man beat up his wife over trivial issue? We learnt that the wife preventing the husband from sleeping just because he was snoring,” 
“This is not a case of extra-marital affairs that usually lead to divorce, but a mere misunderstanding that could be controlled with little patience," he said.
Paul, who had already became sober for his behaviour blamed the incident on the devil.
He said, “She prevented me from sleeping after having a hard day, I pleaded with her but refused,”
“I immediately contacted the police who was able to help me get it back. I brought it back home and all these while my wife could not call to know where I was.
"I got home only for me to have some rest and after dozing off; my wife woke me up to tell me I was disturbing her with my snoring."
On her own end of things, Jennifer claimed that her husband's disappearance from home without informing her and their children.

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