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Monday, 26 September 2016

Disabled woman makes nice paintings with her toes

People often limit themselves when they are disabled; life is practically over for most of them as they have little or no enthusiasm. They end up living like they want death to knock on their doors.

In fairness, we have to understand that most people are traumatised; they do not know what to do with their lives when they have life changing accidents. Some people were born as cripples; some became disabled due to fatal accidents while a few lost their body parts to infections.

It is difficult for someone who used to be physically fit to get over the trauma of having to be confined to a wheelchair forever. Some become nasty because they hate the prospect of having people do the things they would have done for themselves.

The next time you see a handicapped person refusing help, do not let it get to you. They have to come to terms with the truth and deal with the reality. If they are around positive minded people, their orientation could be tweaked. You can deposit encouraging words into their lives and encourage them to discover themselves.

Being disabled is not the end of the world; the paralympic games will make you have a rethink. Most of these people do not feel sorry for themselves anymore. They are simply looking for ways of making an impact in the lives of other people.
 Many people have no inkling of the potentials embedded in them until they have to make that decision of fending for themselves. They stumble upon their talents when they are faced with challenges. Some discover their ability to write when they are confined to a wheelchair while others sing.
Swapna Augustine has found a way of making light shine in her life. She was born without arms but had to develop herself to do what she is now known for. She makes beautiful paintings with her toes. Now that is incredible; not many people are able to reach out to the world in the way she has done.
Some are naturally lazy as they will not do anything that might change their lives. Augustine’s paintings are simply beautiful. She has not allowed her disability to affect her creativity. Please find some of the works done by this disabled woman:

1. Amazing

Disabled woman makes nice paintings with her toes

2. Beautiful

Disabled woman makes nice paintings with her toes

3. Creativity at its peak

Disabled woman makes nice paintings with her toes

4. Proud of her works

Disabled woman makes nice paintings with her toes


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