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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

9 Best and Smart Ways To Get Free Quality Blog Traffic Reloaded

It's easy to build a blog, but the hardest part is how to build a successful blog with significant traffic. The blogosphere is getting bigger and busy with over 150 million blogs, but only a handful amount of them get noticed or generate a good significant amount of traffic and readership. Likewise, there are tons of tutorials on traffic generation on the internet, but only few of them prove to be effective.

You create a personal or company blog, create content, but only few people read and compliment your work with a "thank god someone read my blog" comment.

You Googled and tried all traffic generator techniques that comes your way just to get free quality blog traffic but fails.

You probably invested in different type of paid traffic and get some traffic but prove to be dough consuming and not truly targeted. Now, are you frustrated and thinking of what to do?

I have tried different techniques and noticed which strategies works best. If you are going to invest in any traffic techniques, you need to aim at "Quality". Your website visitors should fall into your targeted audience.

For example, this blog target audience searching for blog design tips and how to build a strong community with high credibility. Any visitor's that fall outside that description won't be categories as quality traffic.
Everyone wants traffic to their website, but that traffic is pretty useless if it’s not targeted and doesn’t turn into sales. In other words, 100 engaged visitors are better than 1000 random visitors.

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  2. Blogging without anyone noticing your work can be frustrating but for you to avoid that, firstly create quality content secondly share your post on social media platform, with this two your post is surely going to be engaged.


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